Island Bars


Made right here in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico with 200mg of organic hemp derived CBD; Our Island Bars are handcrafted from the rare and delicate Criollo Cacao Beans, handpicked and roasted on small, organic, and sustainable farms in Maroontown, Jamaica.

100% Vegan and 100% Organic

Choose from four delicious flavors: Dark Chocolate, Coconut Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Mint or Mocha

Ingredients: Criollo Cacao Nibs, Coconut Milk, Organic Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Tapioca Syrup, Plant Based Sugar Esters, 200mg CBD from Organic Hemp Grown in Colorado, (organic coffee or organic mint essential oil)

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Our Island Bars are handcrafted from the rare and delicate Criollo Cacao Beans handpicked and roasted on small organic and sustainable farms in Maroontown, Jamaica.

Most chocolate, over 80%, comes from a species of cacao plant called the Forrestario: disease resistant, acidic, bland, and characterized by a chemical enzyme that both protects the plant and spoils the taste.  Criollo is a finer species of cacao that does not have as much of this enzyme present, and as a result is incredibly flavorful and smooth without a strong bitterness or acidity.  It’s smooth taste has secondary aromas of nuts, caramel, and fruit.

Our chocolate is slave free.

2.3 million children work in the cocoa fields of Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire where over 70% of the chocolate we eat is grown. These children are vulnerable to brutal labor practices, including trafficking and slavery.  Candy companies–including but not limited to: Nestlé, Hershey, Cargill, ADM–have admitted accountability. The candy industry is a US 70-billion-dollar industry.

We are proud that our chocolate is slave free. Maroontown, Jamaica, where our chocolate is grown, is a mountainous area where slaves of the time, first to the Spanish and then to the British, escaped and managed to elude their captors. Decades later, they were officially given their freedom. Our Jamaican chocolate is grown and made by the descendants of escaped slaves, and in supporting our chocolate you are helping their communities to grow and prosper.

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Weight 1.5 oz

Coconut Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Mocha, Dark Chocolate Mint


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