CBD Isolate Oils

So named Isolate because these oils have been isolated down to just cannabidiol, or CBD; filtering out all other naturally occurring cannabinoids and leaving a pure extract. We offer Assorted Strengths, from 250mg to 900mg, 99.7% Pure CBD from Hemp per bottle in a base of Organic Olive Oil. Research shows Olive Oil softens cell membranes better than any other carrier oils, allowing more medicine into the cell. Available in three flavors: Unflavored, Citrus and Cinnamon. 

Suggested CBD Dosages (once or twice Daily):
To Relieve Anxiety: 4 - 8mg Recommended 125 – 250 mg CBD Oil
To Relieve Chronic Pain: 8 - 20mg Recommended 250 – 600 mg CBD Oil
To Improve/Induce Sleep: 8 - 20mg Recommended 400 – 600 mg CBD Oil