100mg CBD Transdermal Patch 2 pack

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Contains Two Transdermal Patches


How to Apply a Transdermal Patch

A transdermal patch is a patch that attaches to your skin and contains medication. The CBD from the patch is absorbed into your body over a period of time. If you'd rather not have a pill or an injection, a patch may be a more comfortable option.

  1. Decide where you will place the new patch, generally in the area where you are experiencing pain.
  2. Prepare and clean the skin to remove any dirt, lotions, oils, or powders.
  3. Open the package carefully.
  4. Take the patch out of the packaging and remove the protective liner on the patch.
  5. Place the patch, sticky side down, onto the clean area of skin. Using the palm of your hand, press down on the patch to make sure the patch is firmly attached to your skin.
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