Since 2014, our focus has always been on the health of our customers and our planet. 

Our exceptional formulations and products made with all organic ingredients and CBD sourced from organic sustainable farms sets us apart.  We use eco-conscious packaging which is, whenever possible, recycled, recyclable, made from plant plastics, and compostable.

*We plant a tree on your behalf with every single purchase – nearly 90,000 trees to date!

And now….Introducing MICROBOTANICA

We are proud to announce a new advanced line of Micronized CBD Products. Our proprietary micronization process reduces the particle size of ingredients close to a micrometer, enabling better solubility and absorption. This means you can get a greater effect with a lesser dose – more effective for your body, more cost effective for your budget.

Feel the difference!


Our Doors are OPEN!

*Due to the statewide occupancy limitations, we can only have two customers in the store at a time.*

If you see two customers already in the shop, please line up outside, around the front of our store.  

We are required to follow mandatory rules set by the Governor, so we must ask all customers to wear masks and practice social distancing. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during these challenging times! We’re here for and because of you!

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If you have any questions or would like to order over the phone, please call 505-820-0058 during shipping hours